Parents Corner

Teachers V/s Facilitators
– by Ms.Trupti Sheth (Mother of Mst.Sameer Sheth – Std. IX)

In today’s scenario, the word teacher and facilitator is often used as a synonym. But there is a crystal clear difference between the two. One often comes across an advertisement that says ‘Vacancy for teachers’ and the schools to get the required person with high qualifications. On the other hand, a space in the newspaper is never filled by ‘Vacancy for facilitators’. The reason would be that they are not made, they are born. Facilitators are people born with a passion to render service to the mankind and make a difference in person’s life. Any person walking on the road can teach ABC or 1, 2, 3 and become a teacher. The twist is when people become a facilitator and teach the ABC of life. A teacher provides knowledge through textbooks that encourage rote learning, while a facilitator hones the talent and confidence of a child.

The picture of a teacher is easily available in the market as a community helper, who holds a stick in her hand and stands in front of a blackboard. But what about a picture of a facilitator? It is never available. Probably because the emotions, love, and care that a facilitator puts in the upbringing of a student can never be captured in a photograph. When a teacher uses a red ink for correction it brings a feeling of fear in the student. On the contrary, when the same red ink is used by a facilitator it shows her concern for the child. It gives a positive note of I can do better. A child spreads his arm both in front of a teacher as well as a facilitator. But the difference is former is for a hit and latter is for a hug. A teacher wonders, how do I complete my portions on time while a facilitator ponders upon how do I help the child this time.

It is needless to say that a teacher’s job would be from 9 to 5. But it’s the facilitator’s responsibility to be on duty till the time the student is ready to spread his wings and face the world with its opportunities and hardships. It’s time the word teacher becomes obsolete and the beautiful word facilitator takes over the heart and mind of our students. Let not people say I had nothing to do so I became a teacher. It’s time we walk our heads held high and we say that we don’t manufacture monotonous robots but we make the responsible and capable citizens of tomorrow. We are the FACILITATORS.

We often hear people say I am a teacher
But rarely does anyone say I am a facilitator
A teacher holds our hand and helps us write
While a facilitator would hold our hand just to guide
A teacher would be with us for a time
While a facilitator would be with us beyond time
A teacher would show us the world in a room
While a facilitator would show us the way to groom
Having a job in other schools is called teaching
While rendering service in our school is called facilitating
We often hear people say I am a teacher
But is time now that people say I am a facilitator

I can change the world
– by Ms.Sunita Parulekar (Mother of Miss.Mitali Parulekar – Std.VI)

“Can I change the world?” forget about the world where India’s population is crossing the threshold of billions. Poor me! Poor little me, a simple pre-primary teacher, can I make the difference? Can I change the world? Sounds impossible.

But then some days back I was watching a short movie named ‘The journey of human race’. It changed my point of view. According to that movie on BBC entertainment human race evolved thousands of years ago on a single continent of Africa. Africa is disconnected from the entire world by vast oceans on two sides and harsh desert on the third. Thousands of years ago when there were no modern modes of transport available, only a single group of people dared to cross those extremities and travel into the unknown and popularized rest of the world. So if you are not an African i.e. if you are Asian, European or Mongolian you are the descendants of that single group of people. Just imagine how the world would have been now if those people would have thought, Can I cross these extremities?, Can I travel into the unknown? Can I change my living conditions? Can I change the world?

The popular school of believing in Satyagraha & ahimsa to fight against injustice was devised only by one man, our very own Mahatma Gandhi. It is his belief in ahimsa to change his life and the world led to the independence of India and many other colonized countries and people.

For the revolution to happen even a single spark is enough to ignite the fire. And who can be better than a teacher, especially pre-primary teacher to ignite that fire as God has bestowed us with the great opportunity to mould the lives of these pure and innocent angels. For them their teacher is everything. Their teacher is their role model. With this comes the great responsibility.

We have to bring the change with zest and enthusiasm. We have to fight against social injustice and corruption. For that, we have to take a lead, change ourselves and make the change happen.

This can be very well learnt from our beloved Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankarji. Decades ago he single-handedly planted a small sampling of ‘Art of living’ which has now branched in the entire world and still blooming and blossoming. Guruji ‘s smile and thoughts have a ripple effect which changes everything around him, making everyone happy.

So as an ardent disciple of my Gurudev, I am sure with his blessings and teachings. “Yes! I can change the world”.

When every where its dark
And there is no light
A single ray of light
Is enough to make your life bright
So never say no
Be a hope-filled bud
Bloom like a flower
And say,
“I can change the world”